CRIAQ supports pre-competitive research and technological advances from competitive research that enable companies to be more innovative and position themselves as leaders.

CRIAQ research projects must have a minimum of four partners: two industrial partners and two partners from universities or colleges. CRIAQ project partners share the costs, risks and results of the research projects that involve them.

CRIAQ’s role is to provide its members with strategic, financial and administrative support within these projects.


How to present?

Download and complete the attached template and send it to projets@criaq.aero, no later than March 16, 5 p.m. (Eastern time). You can submit several project ideas. Just fill in the template for each of your project ideas.

Once we have received all the presentations, we will establish a presentation schedule that will be sent to each project proponent. The first day of the RDV Forum (April 18), each speaker will have to present his / her project idea(s) in the morning plenary (5 minutes / project), and at the project stand from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m..

Documents :

Project Idea Template
Information Session on the submission process

Who can submit?

Companies (OEMs and intermediate companies), members and non-members*;

SMEs (CRIAQ analysis and mentoring), members and non-members*;

University, college and research centre projects which must be submitted by companies;

Industrial national and international collaborators* (preliminary analysis by CRIAQ).

* Possible limit, depending on the number of project ideas

Key dates : 

March 16: Deadline for submitting project ideas
April 4:  Announcement of the number of projects that will be presented
April 11: Announcement of the projects titles that will be presented


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