Alain Aubertin has been appointed to a new multidisciplinary NSERC committee that will be responsible for assessing the public impact of research proposals submitted to NSERC.

NSERC officially launched the Alliance Grants. These grants support research projects led by strong teams of complementary partners that will generate new knowledge and accelerate the translation of research results into benefits for Canada.

One of the components of the Alliance Grants program, Option 2, is intended for proposals that have a strong potential for social impact, linkages and far-reaching results that may warrant additional public funding. To this end, applications for funding under Option 2 will be accompanied by a three-page public impact value proposition. Therefore, a selection committee will be established to assist NSERC in determining whether applications meet the public impact criteria under Option 2.

The applications recommended by this selection committee will then be evaluated by peers with the technical and scientific expertise necessary to decide on the merit of the applications as a whole, according to the general criteria of the Alliance Grants program.