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CRIAQ Space Challenge Paid Student Mandate (Summer 2023)

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Through the Space Challenge, CRIAQ aims to support a student team working on the issue of sustainable development in space, and to raise awareness of the growing problem of space debris. The exponential increase in space debris and space traffic is currently posing major challenges to space operations and governance. Space faring nations are calling for an end to tests aimed at destroying obsolete satellites in orbit. An announcement to this effect has been made for 2022. The Space Challenge calls on the next generation to contribute to thinking about the sustainable development of space, including space traffic management and space debris mitigation. The aim of the mandate will be to carry out an in-depth study on the theme, according to the work plan proposed in their application file.   

Why take part?

The CRIAQ Space Challenge is a golden opportunity for students interested in the aerospace industry, particularly in the issues surrounding space development. Selected students will have the chance to: 

  • Work on a paid mandate at CRIAQ.   
  • Work on a project for 12 weeks.    
  • Work on the project during summer 2023.   
  • Meet and work with various experts in the field to learn more about the realities of the industry, refine their understanding of the problem and test ideas for potential solutions. Project collaborators include:  

The study will be published by CRIAQ at the end of the mission.    This will promote the importance of this issue within the industry and stimulate the emergence of new thoughts and solutions. This is a great opportunity for students to develop their careers. 

Who’s the challenge for?  

  • Eligible candidates: 
    • Quebec university students at all levels (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, post-doctorate). 
    • Graduates of a Quebec university who graduated less than a year ago.   
  • Teams must be made up of 2 people (preferably with complementary multidisciplinary backgrounds).   

Project details     

The participants’ main objective is to summarize their understanding of the problem and to come up with a concrete work plan that can be carried out over a 12-week period, and which they will be able to execute themselves. The proposal submitted should contribute to the debate on the sustainable development of space and space debris.

How do I apply?   

  • Form a team of 2 students.   
  • Prepare an application in the form of a proposal to study the problem from different angles: technological, economic, regulatory, and sustainable development. 

Proposals must contain the following sections:        PART 1 – Team profile: 

  • Academic profile.   
  • Interest in the space industry and its themes.   
  • Relevant experience.   

PART 2 – Problem summary:

  • A brief overview of the issues.    
  • Underlying issues: technical, economic, regulatory, and sustainable development. 

PART 3 – Methodology and proposed approach:

  • Methodology and tools.   
  • Preliminary work plan.   
  • Timetable.   

List of attachments 

  • Team proposal (.PDF).   
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) of each team member (.PDF). 

Communicate with the team

Marwa Dehbal
Project manager