CRIAQ and Hydrogène Québec have entered into a three-year strategic partnership to facilitate the implementation of hydrogen as a potential energy source for future zero-emission aircraft.

This partnership aims to promote collaboration between the hydrogen and fuel cell sector and the aerospace and aviation sector in Quebec to encourage mutually beneficial exchanges and developments between the two industries. The main areas on which this collaboration will focus are :

  • Stimulation of joint commercial and research and innovation projects
  • Special initiatives for the sharing of information and knowledge between the two industries
  • Identifying and overcoming common technological barriers to the production, distribution, storage and use of hydrogen to effectively reduce aircraft emissions.
“Hydrogen is a clean energy source with potential aerospace applications to decarbonize tomorrow’s aircraft, and is one of the solutions considered by the industry for 2035 to achieve Quebec’s GHG reduction objectives. This new hydrogen solution requires cutting-edge technological developments on which CRIAQ has been working on through collaborative projects, proudly funded and supported for over 20 years. We are therefore delighted with this partnership with Hydrogène Québec, which is one more step towards sustainable air mobility” Alain Aubertin, CRIAQ’s CEO.
Through this partnership, CRIAQ is working to facilitate the emergence of this new industry in the province, which will allow the aerospace industry to move towards the Quebec action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from aviation.