CRIAQ is delighted with the launch of the 2nd phase of the cooperation project “Platform for the animation of aerospace-digital innovation between Montreal and Toulouse”, following the announcement of Mrs Girault, Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec (MRIF).
The objective of this new phase will therefore remain to animate an innovation community with a focus on the emergence of practical experiments and aerodigital projects. It will continue to network needs and solutions with researchers, start-ups, OEMs and regional economic development players to develop opportunities for research and innovation partnerships, business and international exchanges on this cutting-edge subject.
Since the strategic agreement signed in March 2018 between CRIAQ, IVADO and IRT St-Exupéry, the collaboration between Montreal and Toulouse has continued to strengthen and has resulted in several successful initiatives and projects:
  • the mapping of expertise between the 2 territories, with more than 140 relevant organisations referenced,
  • the launch of the DEEL project on the use of AI for critical aeronautical systems,
  • the organisation of the Mobilit.AI Forum in 2019, a success which is renewed for a second edition next May 10 to 12,
  • a networking workshop between Montreal and Toulouse in November 2020 which allowed the launch of new international collaborative R&D projects,
  • and finally the signing of an agreement between the City of Montreal and the City of Toulouse in February 2021 to cover the following cooperation themes: aerospace, AI, cultural and creative industries, and tourism.
This digital platform project is led by the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec (CRIAQ) and Toulouse Métropole, in collaboration with the City of Montreal, Centech, Aéro Montréal and IVADO on the Quebec side and the Toulouse Attractiveness Agency, Aerospace Valley and IRT Saint-Exupéry on the Toulouse side.
This project is supported by the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec and the Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères de la République française, in the framework of the Fonds franco-québécois pour la coopération décentralisée (FFQCD).