Whether you’re an air mobility entrepreneur looking to grow your business and find partners, an innovation manager in a large company looking to stay on top of new technologies, a student looking to start a promising career in aerospace, or a scientist or professor looking for funding for ambitious aerospace projects, CRIAQ can help you.

View our impact over the past 20 years below to learn more about the difference CRIAQ can make on your issues.


“At AV&R, we were fortunate to participate in a major CRIAQ project. CRIAQ’s support in this project has allowed us to diversify our aerospace market offering into a segment that we would not have been able to develop on our own.”

Jean-François Dupont

“Thanks to the CRIAQ projects, in collaboration with key players in the field, we propose solutions for the safe functionality of future aircraft and train the next specialists.”

Gabriela Nicolescu
Department of Computer and Software Engineering
Polytechnique de Montréal

“I did a master’s degree as part of a CRIAQ project with Pratt & Whitney. It allowed me to work in a multi-disciplinary team and the learning I got from that project has been useful for what I do today.”

On our projects


Completed and ongoing projects

+270M $

Total value of projects completed and in progress

72M $

In estimated value for projects under development

A network of companies and academics mobilised


Member companies out of 168 total members


Member universities and research centres


academics, researchers and industrial specialists involved in projects

Tangible impacts


patents/licences filed

+40M $

Solutions, processes implemented, and technologies commercialised


Students involved in projects


The Accelerating Innovation program is a personalized executive coaching service that adapts to the specific needs of each SME or start-up to help them develop a more robust R&D and innovation strategy as well as a business strategy that will enable them to seize new market opportunities.