Program details

Acceleration-Innovation helps aerospace SMEs and start-ups face market challenges and strengthen their position in the supply chain through innovation. The program is a personalized executive coaching service that adapts to the specific needs of each company so that it can develop a more robust R&D and innovation strategy, as well as a business strategy that will enable them to seize new opportunities.

This partnership between CRIAQ and NRC-IRAP was born out of a desire to optimize the impact of support programs in the aerospace industry. Therefore, Acceleration-Innovation listens to companies. This is reflected in its interactive and flexible approach and in its participant testimonies! In fact, 100% of the entrepreneurs who have benefited from its support recommend it to others! Want to know more? Check out their success stories.

General objectives of the program

Provide flexible coaching services tailored to each Canadian SME in the industry to help them develop a more robust R&D and innovation strategy in connection with a business strategy to help them seize market opportunities.

Specific objectives

  • Identify new business opportunities that can generate revenues, consolidate competitive advantages and enhance the company’s achievements over one-, three- and five-year horizons, according to an action and funding plan
  • Drive innovations in products, services, processes and methods in connection with updated business models;
  • Allow SMEs to benefit from the CRIAQ networks
  • Implement an innovation strategy based on research partnerships and increased linkages with NRC-IRAP’s Industrial Technology Advisors
  • Encourage the development of skills and organizational capabilities in innovation management

Three-phase methodology

  1. Introduction to the program and overview of funding options (including those offered by NRC-IRAP)
  2. Strategic thinking about technology and business opportunities
  3. Development of a short- and medium-term action and funding plan