Program details

CRIAQ’s partnership with The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) is the 3rd call under the DELTA 2 funding program for applied research, experimental development and innovation.

The Program focuses on supporting international cooperation falling under the category of applied research (including industrial research, experimental development or the combination of the two) through the support of joint projects of Czech enterprises and organisations for research and knowledge dissemination with the expected support of foreign technology and innovation agencies or other similar institutions.

General objectives of the program

The Program’s objective in partnership with CRIAQ is to increase the number of specific results in new space technologies, autonomous air vehicles and advanced sustainable manufacturing where there is conformity with a foreign partner; such results will be implemented in practice, thus enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprises and research organisations involved in a bilateral, or multilateral, cooperation of Czech and foreign participants.

The designated projects will aim at specific outputs in these fields of applied research, i.e. they will lead to acquiring new findings and skills for the development of new or substantially improved products, processes or services and to the creation of the new product, process or service.

The selected project shall respond to the current and future needs of the given country.


Eligible applicants

The Lead applicant in Québec must be:

  • A university, college or research centre for Exploring Innovation (TRL 2 to 4) projects

Including the lead applicant, the partnership in Québec must include at least one enterprise partner and one research partner (university, college or research center).

CRIAQ does not allow parent enterprises to participate as partners in the same project (however they can be indirectly involved as affiliates, not eligible for funding, but whose experts could participate in Project activities). 


Areas of R&D Projects

Advanced manufacturing, UAVs, and space technologies


Details of funding project

Maximum funding per project is:

  • 1,5M$CAD per project for Exploring Innovation (TRL 2 to 4) activities

Co-funding from federal sources (CSA, NSERC, NRC-IRAP, MITACS …) and other provinces (Ex: Alberta)  is accepted in the limit of 75% of public funding max.

Funding for the Canadian partners will be provided by the government of Québec (upon recommendation by CRIAQ)  and co-funding sources as relevant.


Application requirements

The proposal must be led by an applicant (organization) based in Québec and only the partners located in Québec (Canada) are eligible for funding.

*Additional partners from elsewhere in Canada are welcome as long as they have their own source of funding

The application must also demonstrate a high potential of economic and/or personnel training benefit for Québec applicants and Québec economy.

A letter of intent must be submitted to the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Québec (CRIAQ)  for eligibility examination. Upon confirmation of eligibility, a full project proposal application would be prepared, with the support of CRIAQ and submitted for evaluation by CRIAQ’s Scientific Committee.


 Approval process & funding

Projects will be evaluated by CRIAQ’s Scientific Committee according to criteria of relevance, scientific quality and economic, social or technological impact in Quebec, as well as the strategic interest of the industrial and international partnership.

The recommended projects will be the subject of a grant agreement that will specify the obligations of each party and the terms and conditions for the payment of financial assistance. Subject to funding availability.

CRIAQ is responsible for managing the agreement and the administrative follow-up of these projects with the Ministry. Management fees apply.