Description of the 2023 grant 

The “CRIAQ Start-Up” grant is intended for Quebec start-ups active in the aerospace sector.  

The CRIAQ will offer, on a competitive basis, two grants of $10,000 to support the technological development of two start-ups. The goal of these grants is to foster the alignment between the development of a product or service with potential users and customers.  

The law firm Fasken has joined the initiative by enhancing the contest. The winners will have free access to Fasken’s Start-Up Program for one year, worth $12,000. This program gives access to Fasken’s platform, a platform offering support and services to entrepreneurs: corporate audit, access to the contract generator, two hours of consultation per month (unless the company raises $250,000 or more in financing, these hours will be billable).

Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility criteria are as follow: 

  • The company’s activities, or part of its activities, must be related to the aerospace industry (products, services and solutions); 
  • The company must be incorporated in Quebec; 
  • The date of incorporation in Quebec must be between February 1, 2021, and March 15, 2023; 
  • The company must have 10 employees or less; 

As of March 15, 2023, the company must 

  • participate in a program from a recognized incubator or accelerator in Quebec; 
  • have participated in such program; 
  • or reside in such incubator or accelerator. 

It is not mandatory for a company to be a member at the CRIAQ to apply for this grant. However, to benefit from it, the company will have to become a member, see Become a member – CRIAQ, or maintain its membership for the coming year.  

Evaluation criteria 

Proposals will be evaluated according to: 

  1. Novelty of the product or service, 
  2. Technical feasibility, 
  3. Business potential for the aerospace sector, and 
  4. Quality of the team.