Program details

Within the framework of the Quebec Aerospace Strategy (SQA) Horizon 2026 announced on February 7, 2022, the Quebec government plans to intervene financially to facilitate the integration of Quebec SMEs in large-scale projects led by international networks. The Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec (CRIAQ), wishes to support these international collaborations between different partners, to enable them to maintain or increase their competitiveness. This call is particularly aimed at the integration of SMEs into global aerospace value chains.

This open call is a complementary tool to CRIAQ’s Maturation Innovation calls, in order to enable the development and commercialization of technologies by SMEs in international partnership.

This open call for proposals is divided into two parts, depending on the level of maturity of the project:

  • Section “Assembly and partnership”: Preparation and assembly of international partnership of SMEs
  • Section “SME Demonstrator in International Collaboration”: research, development and demonstration in bilateral (or multilateral if necessary) collaboration.

In order to optimize the impact of this measure and to help teams target their projects, CRIAQ recognizes the following territories as priorities for this call: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, United States, Czech Republic, as well as the other Canadian provinces.  CRIAQ has established agreements and collaborations (coordination calls, animation and mobilization platform, etc.) with key partners in these territories and these will serve to guide the actions of the project teams.

Partners will not be able to submit to both phases simultaneously for the same project.


The objective of this call is to encourage international or non-Quebec collaborations between different partners, to enable them to maintain or increase their competitiveness. More specifically, this call should allow :

  • Stimulate international research collaborations.
  • Promote the participation of Quebec aerospace SMEs in global innovation networks.
  • Promote a recovery of the Quebec aerospace industry by generating investments in the development of new products and the strengthening of the positioning of SMEs in value chains.
  • Create partnerships between universities, colleges, institutions and industry, in Quebec, outside Quebec, and internationally.
  • Promote research results that have commercial potential.

Eligibility criteria:

The project team must be composed of at least:

  • A Quebec SME* with internal R&D or production activities in Quebec, and a Quebec college center for technology transfer (CCTT) or a Quebec university or public research center (CRP)
  • A company and/or research organization in the country of collaboration**.

*For-profit company with less than 250 employees in Quebec, including subsidiaries of large international groups

**Partners outside Quebec, including elsewhere in Canada, are considered international partners for the purposes of this call.

Details on project funding

  • The available public funding envelope for the two components of this call is $2 million.
  • The maximum financial assistance for the :
    • “Set-up and Partnership” is $50,000 per project.
    • The “SME Demonstrator in International Collaboration” component is $350,000.
  • Financial assistance represents a maximum of 50% of eligible project expenses.
  • The total public assistance cannot exceed a maximum of 80% of the project’s eligible expenses.

Application submission and approval process

The CRIAQ team assists project teams throughout the development of research proposals. It is essential to include a CRIAQ project officer as soon as possible in the discussions to ensure that projects are eligible for funding programs. The CRIAQ team will also be able to advise project leaders on the project’s funding structure.

Before the deadline, the following must be submitted to CRIAQ according to the templates provided:

  1. The Application Form
  2. The detailed budget file
  3. Letters of support from all partners
  4. Academic consent forms

These documents must be completed, compliant, and signed (as required) and sent to before October 10, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time). Any applications submitted after this deadline or incomplete will not be considered for review.