Program details

Large companies established in Quebec are carrying out certain strategic and potentially structuring projects. Many are subsidiaries of foreign groups with business units outside Quebec with which they compete.

As part of the Quebec Aerospace Strategy (QAS) Horizon 2026 announced on February 7, 2022, the Québec government wishes to help Québec companies maintain their position as world leaders and to encourage Québec subsidiaries of foreign groups to obtain large-scale strategic mandates. To this end, it plans to support the financing of large-scale technological demonstrators that generate spinoffs in Québec. It is in this context that, with the support of the MEI, the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec (CRIAQ) is launching this call for projects.

This call for projects is open to all Quebec companies with internal research and development or production activities in Quebec. It aims to support the financing of large-scale technological demonstrators in aerospace that generate spin-offs in Quebec.


This call aims to finance large-scale technology demonstrator projects. It is intended for business groups that include a minimum of two Quebec companies and its objectives are to:

  • Stimulate R&D investments in Quebec;
  • Promote the deployment of large-scale aerospace projects by Québec companies;
  • Create and develop subsidiaries of foreign companies based in Quebec around key future themes for the Quebec aerospace sector. This includes not only technologies related to the aircraft of the future, but also those that will allow the Quebec aerospace sector to be more resilient and competitive on the manufacturing level


Eligibility criteria:

The project team must be composed of at least two companies with internal research and development or production activities in Quebec.  A project is considered eligible when the group of companies is held by separate shareholders (no affiliated companies or when one company controls the other).

Cooperatives and NPOs with internal research and development or production activities in Quebec are also eligible co-applicants.

One or more companies or organizations outside Quebec may be included in the business combination, provided that there are significant spinoffs for Quebec. However, financial assistance may be provided only to companies legally constituted under the laws of the Government of Québec or Canada and having an establishment carrying out internal research and development or production activities in Québec.

Quebec university research institutions and college technology transfer centers (CCTT), as well as Quebec public research institutions, are considered suppliers of specialized research and testing services for the purposes of this call.

Details on project funding

  • The available public funding envelope for this call is $11.55M;
  • The maximum financial assistance is $6M per project;
  • The financial assistance represents a maximum of 50% of the project’s eligible expenses. And the minimum contributions from companies represent 30% of the eligible expenses of the project;
  • Cumulative public assistance cannot exceed a maximum of 70% of eligible project expenses.

Application submission and approval process

he CRIAQ team assists project teams throughout the development of research proposals. It is essential to include a CRIAQ project officer in the discussions as soon as possible to ensure that projects are eligible for funding. The CRIAQ team will also be able to advise project leaders on the project’s funding structure.

Before the deadline, the following must be submitted to CRIAQ according to the templates provided:

  1. The Application Form
  2. The detailed budget file
  3. Letters of support from all partners
  4. Academic consent forms

These documents must be completed, compliant, and signed (as required) and sent to before June 10, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time). Any applications submitted after this deadline or incomplete will not be considered for review.