Program details

To support projects aimed at involving SMEs in the global innovation network, the Science and Innovation Sector’s Canadian and International Partnerships and Programs Branch has partnered with CRIAQ as part of the Minister of Economy and Innovation’s (MEI) 2016-2026 Québec Aerospace Strategy.

Following the implementation of the 2016-2026 Québec Aerospace Strategy by the Minister of Economy and Innovation (MEI), the Canadian and International Partnerships and Programs Branch of the Science and Innovation Sector is partnering with the Consortium de recherche et d’innovation en aérospatiale au Québec (CRIAQ) to issue a call for projects aimed at involving Québec SMEs in the aerospace sector in global innovation networks.


  • Drive international research collaborations.
  • Foster the integration of Quebec SMEs from the aerospace sector into global innovation networks.
  • Extend the network of potential partners to international collaborators.

This initiative is one way of supporting collaborative research and development projects, fostering the development of new products by Quebec-based companies, which will ultimately help to boost:

  • Exports
  • The creation of quality jobs
  • Local investment


Eligibility criteria:

  • Existence of a business opportunity and/or visibility of expertise internationally for the SMEs
  • Minimum partnership:
    • 2 companies in Quebec, including at least 1 SME;
    • And 2 partners in the country/countries of collaboration.
  • Project lead must be SME based in Quebec
  • Technology readiness level: Minimum TRL (NMT) of 4 at the beginning of the proposed project
  • Minimum duration: 2 years


Details of project funding

The maximum amount of assistance from the Department per authorized project may reach up to $500,000 per project

  • Maximum CRIAQ contribution: 50% of the project value.
  • Maximum public funding: 75% of the project value.
  • Minimum industrial contribution: 20% of the project value.
  • The recipients of funding are SMEs and research organizations in Quebec only.


Project submission and approval process

Projects will be evaluated by CRIAQ’s Scientific Committee according to criteria of relevance, scientific quality and economic, social or technological impact in Quebec, as well as the strategic interest of the industrial and international partnership.

The funded projects will be the subject of a grant agreement that will specify the obligations of each party and the terms and conditions for the payment of financial assistance.

CRIAQ is responsible for managing the agreement and the administrative follow-up of these projects with the Ministry, management fees apply.