Program Details

Objectives :

The industry-led projects of CRIAQ’s Maturing Technology program aim to validate the potential of emerging technology to solve aerospace sector-specific problems or to demonstrate this technology in an industrial or representative environment. The mandatory research in these projects can be carried out inside the industrial partners and/or at universities, colleges and research centres. The typical duration of projects in the “Maturing Technology” program is one to three years, and these projects focus on technology at an initial technology readiness level (TRL) of 4, ultimately attaining a TRL of 7.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum of two companies in Quebec, including at least one SME (academic partners are eligible);
  • Project lead must be SME based in Quebec
  • Technology readiness level: Minimum of 4 at the start of the project.
    • Minimum duration: 1 year


Details on project funding

  • The maximum aid from the Ministry per authorized project can be up to $150,000 per company or $350,000 per project.
  • CRIAQ’s maximum contribution: 50% of the project’s value
  • Maximum public funding: 75% of the project’s value
  • Additional funding through other programs, where applicable
  • The recipients of the funding are companies, universities, colleges and research centres.


Project submission and approval process

CRIAQ’s team supports project teams in the process of putting together their project proposals. It is crucial to include a CRIAQ project manager in discussions as early as possible in order to ensure projects eligibility for funding programs. CRIAQ’s team will also be able to advise project leaders on the project’s funding structure. The project approval process is as follows:

  • Evaluation and recommendation by CRIAQ’s Scientific Committee
  • Approval by the Board of Directors (if required)
  • Submission to the Minister of Economy and Innovation for final approval

Approval by other programs may be required, where applicable.