Program details

Each year, several teams of students enrolled in Quebec engineering schools participate in various competitions that are generally under the auspices of scholarly societies. CRIAQ wants to extend financial support to students who must develop prototypes to participate in these competitions directly related to the field of aerospace. To that end, we have set up a program to which student teams can apply to obtain funding in the form of a sponsorship.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The competition must be interuniversity and require the construction of an aircraft. For example: SAE cargo plane, remote-controlled helicopter, etc.
  • The project must be done as a team, and the majority of the members must be undergraduate engineering students or students of a technical CEGEP (they may be from one or more institutions).

Main selection criteria:

  • The team’s organization and planning of activities, and the number of students involved
  • The costs and distribution of funding across different sources
  • The nature of the competition and its influence at the local, national and international levels

Level of funding

The maximum funding will be $2,000.

CRIAQ requirements and visibility

For this sponsorship, CRIAQ will require adequate visibility on the aircraft and in the team’s promotional documents, as well as a brief report of the results (with photos) after the competition.