The Ministry of Economy and Innovation has announced the launch of a call for large-scale innovation projects in artificial intelligence: collaborative industrial research and support for entrepreneurship.

This component 3 offers financing of up to $1.5M and is intended for business groups comprising a minimum of two Quebec companies. Eligible projects are structuring projects that demonstrate the potential for significant short-term benefits.

Eligible projects

Eligible projects are product or process innovation projects involving artificial intelligence from the planning stage to the pre-commercialization stage (real-world demonstration).

The product or process developed by the company may be developed for the purpose of organizational improvement of the company or for sales purposes.

Projects proposed under this special call must :

  • Focus on the development of a new product or process or on the significant improvement of an existing product or process;
  • Demonstrate that the product or process has a significant advantage over existing solutions on the market;
  • Bear a technological or business risk or uncertainty for the company;
  • Have required (or require) research and development efforts;
  • Demonstrate commercial potential (if the product or process is intended for sale).

Partnerships eligible for filing by CRIAQ as Responding Organization :

  • 2 CRIAQ member companies (minimum).

Financial assistance :

Maximum project duration: 18 months

  • Maximum Assistance: Up to $1,500,000 per project
  • Maximum rate of assistance: 50% of eligible expenses
  • Maximum cumulative rate of government assistance: 75% of total project expenditures

Submission through CRIAQ

This is a call with the objective of supporting AI projects that have a significant impact on the application sector of the intermediation organization, in this case CRIAQ, and therefore on the aerospace industry. This criterion, and the confidence of the authorities in the RSRI’s support for project development, have been underlined in order to solicit the support of the RSRI, and in particular of CRIAQ for the aerospace sector, to submit projects in this component, as Responding Organization.

A positive internal evaluation of the project by CRIAQ will improve the evaluation of the file by Investissement Québec.