Launched in 2012 by CRIAQ in partnership with NRC-IRAP, the Accelerating Innovation program has consistently proven to be a real success, supporting over 100 SMEs and start-ups seeking the development of a more robust R&D and innovation strategy. At the heart of new talent development, as well as technology developments that enable companies to grow and create quality jobs, CRIAQ works closely with governments, the industry and the research community in order to build an aerospace industry more innovative and prosperous than ever. SMEs and start-ups are an integral part of this movement and CRIAQ's mission has always been to support these SMEs of paramount importance to the future of the aerospace industry in Quebec and Canada. It’s in this perspective that the Accelerating Innovation program was launched, offering flexible and adapted coaching services to all SMEs and start-ups that wish to strengthen their position within the supply chain through innovation, as well as qualify as a preferred supplier to major Canadian and international prime contractors, enabling them to identify business opportunities likely to generate new revenues for up to five years. Several SMEs and start-ups which have benefited from this program over the past year are now sharing their experience with the aerospace community. Discover below Calogy Solutions, In a Blink Technologies and CS Canada, three key companies at different stages of growth that have a role to play in the future of the Canadian aerospace industry.

Calogy Solutions | A thermal management solutions

Founded in 2017 at the University of Sherbrooke and operational since 2019, Calogy Solutions has developed a thermal management solution that addresses the global issue of overheating Li-ion batteries used in almost all electric vehicles. The patent-pending technology allows batteries to be cooled or heated at a low production cost, compared to alternatives currently on the market. Ultimately, the impact on the industry will be significant: by keeping battery cells within the recommended temperature range, the innovation improves safety and extends the life of the battery, while reducing the initial cost of electric vehicles. An important innovation for the emergence of the electric aircraft.

The program gave Calogy Solutions access to CRIAQ’s strong network of partners, as well as its expertise in deploying an innovation strategy and R&D partnerships. Through a thorough analysis and recommendations regarding their target market and audience, potential partners and suppliers, as well as potential business models, the company was put in contact with an SME for possible applications on drones and another RSRI, the CQRDA for collaborative R&D projects in the field of aluminium.

Technologies In a Blink | A wireless communication solution based on photonic technology

Founded in 2019, In a Blink develops and markets a patented wireless communication solution based on photonic technology. A range of products that connect vehicles to fixed installations to transmit their operational data in a very short time.
In A Blink facilitates ultra-fast, ultra-secure data transfer between vehicles and infrastructure using virtual fibre optics, a wireless technology with a speed of up to 1.5 Gbps.
Following an analysis of the company, the program enabled the organisation to truly broaden its horizons and thus lead the implementation of an innovation strategy in partnership with, among others, the aeronautics sector – more specifically the drone sector, with a focus on applications for the transfer of large amounts of data over wireless channels. In a Blink now plans to target the aerospace market with one of their products.

CS GROUP - Canada Inc | Critical Software Design and Testing

With 20 years of experience in the certification of avionics systems (DO-178C/ARP4754A/ARP4761/DO-326A) and the expertise of over 100 software and systems engineers in Montreal, The CS Group – Canada is a consulting engineering firm that accelerates the commercialization and marketing of embedded technologies for autonomous systems through proven certification strategies and state-of-the-art tools.

Through the program, the team has highlighted the emerging market of urban and air mobility SMEs, and the various ways to commercialise their services to offer their services to other SMEs and startups in a collaborative mode.

By positioning itself as a facilitator and accelerator of technological development through the implementation of their “Certification Smart Platform” product, The CS Group – Canada will be able to easily integrate into the new supply chains of the urban, land and air mobility sector. ”Thanks to the CRIAQ team’s in-depth knowledge of the aerospace and air mobility markets, we have had a great experience that has enabled us to develop a new and innovative offer to accelerate the certification of critical embedded systems,” said Amine Smires, Director of New Programs and Innovation.

These three success stories highlight the tangible impact of the program on these participating companies with clearly measurable consequences. The approach applied in this Program enables SME and start-up managers to further develop a long-term innovation strategy and strengthen their overall innovation capabilities. This approach provides the tools to integrate the innovation process into all their ongoing development activities.

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