On June 5, 2009, the Industrial Research Sectoral Groups (IRRS) launched the second call for projects under the Innov-R program to support collaborative research aimed at developing innovative technologies that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Quebec.

Innov-R, deployed by the RSRIs with the support of their funding partner, the Government of Quebec, is part of the implementation of Priority 4 of the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) 2013-2020. Thus, the program aims to foster the emergence of innovative collaborative projects in strategic economic sectors that will enable Québec to progress and achieve its GHG reduction objectives more quickly.

Projects eligible for Innov-R will be eligible for Green Fund funding of up to 50% of eligible expenses and a maximum of $1.5 million over three years. The closing date of the call for projects is 27 September 2019.

For more details, visit the website: https://innov-r.org/