Call for projects

Maturing-Innovation Program

Large-Scale Demonstration – Horizon 2026

This call is closed.

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This call is part of the Quebec Aerospace Strategy Horizon 2026 (SQA) launched in 2022 by Quebec’s Ministry of the Economy, Innovation and Energy, offering financial support to help Quebec companies maintain their position as world leaders. The aim of this call for tenders is to encourage Quebec subsidiaries of large companies established in Quebec to carry out strategic projects and potentially structuring them. To achieve this, it plans to support the funding of large-scale technology demonstrators generating spin-offs in Quebec. This call is particularly aimed at:

  • Stimulating R&D investment in Quebec. 
  • Promoting large-scale aerospace projects by Québec-based companies. 
  • Creating and developing subsidiaries of foreign companies based in Quebec around key themes of the future for the Quebec aerospace sector. This includes not only technologies related to future aircraft, but also those that will make the Quebec aerospace sector more resilient and competitive in terms of manufacturing. 


  • The collaborative research partnership must include at least:  
    • Two Quebec companies with in-house R&D or production activities in Quebec. 
    • Cooperatives and NPOs with in-house R&D or production activities in Quebec are also eligible co-applicants. 
    • For the purposes of this call, a university, a College Centre for the Transfer of Technologies (CCTT) and a Quebec public research centre (CRP) are considered suppliers of specialized research and testing services. 


  • Maximum financial assistance is $6 million per project. 
  • Financial assistance represents a maximum of 50% of eligible project expenses. 
  • Industrial or private partners must together contribute a minimum of 30% of eligible project expenses. 
  • Cumulative public funding can reach up to 70% of eligible project expenses. 

CRIAQ’s project portfolio team will help you prepare your budget with proven tools to pre-qualify and obtain financing.  Funding for CRIAQ projects comes entirely from the Québec Aerospace Strategy of the ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie du Québec (MEIE).

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Clothilde Petitjean
Program Director