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Student Challenge – Paid Mandate (Summer 2024)


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Deadline: 18/04/2024

(Application deadline extended. You have until March 31, 2024 to apply to the challenge)

CRIAQ’s 2024 Student Challenge is aimed at university students in Quebec and aims to respond to a growing challenge in the aerospace industry : How should aerospace players adjust their innovation and business strategies to reduce their GHG emissions?

Description of the mandate

Through the Student Challenge, CRIAQ wishes to support a student team to carry out a study to explore ways to integrate this important paradigm shift for the aerospace sector.

As global awareness of the environmental consequences of industrial activities increases, the aerospace sector appears to be embarking on an expansion of its activities that could be perceived by the general public as a passive posture in the face of pressing challenges related to sustainability and carbon neutrality.

The Student Challenge calls on the next generation to contribute to the reflection surrounding sustainable development in aerospace.

The objective of the mandate will be to carry out an in-depth study on the theme according to the work plan proposed in their application file.

Why participate?

CRIAQ’s 2024 Student Challenge offers students the opportunity to contribute to a very concrete problem in the aerospace industry.

Selected students will have the opportunity to:

  • Work on a paid mandate at CRIAQ;
  • 13 weeks;
  • In the summer of 2024
  • Meet and work with various experts in the field to learn more about the realities of the industry, refine their understanding of the problem and test ideas for potential solutions.

The study will be publicly disseminated by CRIAQ at the end of the mission.

This will promote the importance of this issue within the industry and stimulate the emergence of new thinking and solutions. This is a great opportunity for students to develop their careers.

Who is the challenge for?

Eligible candidates:

  • Students at Quebec universities at all levels (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, Post-doctorate)
  • Graduating students from a Quebec university who graduated less than a year ago
  • Teams must be composed of 2 people (preferably multidisciplinary and complementary training). If students are having trouble finding a teammate, we invite them to fill out the following online form: CRIAQ – 2024 Student Challenge. This form will allow us to match you with another candidate interested in participating.

Details on project delivery

The main objective of the participants is to summarize their understanding of the issue and to think about a concrete work plan that can be executed over a period of 13 weeks and that they will be able to execute themselves.

The proposal submitted is intended to contribute to the reflection on the issue of the sustainable development of aerospace industry.

How to apply?

  • Form a team of 2 students
  • Prepare an application file in the form of a proposal to study the problem from different angles: technological, economic, regulatory and sustainable development.

Proposals should contain the following sections:

PART 1 – Team Profile:

  • Academic profile;
  • Interest in the theme and the aerospace industry;
  • Relevant Experiences

PART 2 – Summary of the problem:

  • Brief overview of the issue;
  • Underlying issues: technical, social, environmental, economic, regulatory

PART 3 – Methodology and Proposed Approach:

  • Methodology and tools;
  • Preliminary work plan;
  • Schedule

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Benoit Cyrenne
Communications Director