Success story

Aeronyx | urban air mobility

Founded in 2017 following the development of a passenger drone concept by a team of engineers from ETS in Montreal, the company was encouraged by CRIAQ to focus on the essential points for the development of a startup. CRIAQ’s support focused on the development of a formal plan for the pursuit of their R&D strategy, as well as the implementation of a strategy of shared benefits with major industry principals.

Through an in-depth analysis of the environment and the sector, but also of Aeronyx’s specific needs, the CRIAQ team was able to provide expert advice and recommendations that guided the startup to position itself among the 10% of companies that emerge victorious from the start-up phase. Described by Aeronyx as helping entrepreneurs ‘realize the absence or presence of details essential to the survival of a start-up business project,’ the program has had a significant impact on their development within the industry.

Aeronyx now wants to define the basis for safe and robust flight management of beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) UAVs. As a technology integrator aiming to offer a UAV delivery service to industrial companies, Aeronyx is embarking on a strategy to develop the systems and technologies that will be required to turn its plan into reality. These systems, which have yet to be created in regards to this type of application, will facilitate and make possible the regulatory and social acceptability of the use of large-scale autonomous UAV fleets flying in an urban BVLOS context.

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