Success story

Calogy solutions | a thermal management solutions

Founded in 2017 at the University of Sherbrooke and operational since 2019, Calogy Solutions has developed a thermal management solution that addresses the global issue of overheating Li-ion batteries used in almost all electric vehicles. The patent-pending technology allows batteries to be cooled or heated at a low production cost, compared to alternatives currently on the market. Ultimately, the impact on the industry will be significant: by keeping battery cells within the recommended temperature range, the innovation improves safety and extends the life of the battery, while reducing the initial cost of electric vehicles. An important innovation for the emergence of the electric aircraft.

The program gave Calogy Solutions access to CRIAQ’s strong network of partners, as well as its expertise in deploying an innovation strategy and R&D partnerships. Through a thorough analysis and recommendations regarding their target market and audience, potential partners and suppliers, as well as potential business models, the company was put in contact with an SME for possible applications on drones and another RSRI, the CQRDA for collaborative R&D projects in the field of aluminium.

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