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CS group – Canada inc | critical software design and testing

With 20 years of experience in the certification of avionics systems (DO-178C/ARP4754A/ARP4761/DO-326A) and the expertise of over 100 software and systems engineers in Montreal, The CS Group – Canada is a consulting engineering firm that accelerates the commercialization and marketing of embedded technologies for autonomous systems through proven certification strategies and state-of-the-art tools.

Through the program, the team has highlighted the emerging market of urban and air mobility SMEs, and the various ways to commercialise their services to offer their services to other SMEs and startups in a collaborative mode.

By positioning itself as a facilitator and accelerator of technological development through the implementation of their “Certification Smart Platform” product, The CS Group – Canada will be able to easily integrate into the new supply chains of the urban, land and air mobility sector. ”Thanks to the CRIAQ team’s in-depth knowledge of the aerospace and air mobility markets, we have had a great experience that has enabled us to develop a new and innovative offer to accelerate the certification of critical embedded systems,” said Amine Smires, Director of New Programs and Innovation.

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