Success story

Libellule monde | specialized products and services

Founded in 1993, Libellule Monde started in the identification sector and has been working with airlines since 1995.

The organization analyzes, certifies, designs, assembles (kitting), customizes and produces corporate graphics, stencils, signage, aesthetic coatings, advertising, erosion and corrosion protection, while also offering installation and removal services for all types of aircraft.

An analysis of trends in the digitalization of the aeronautical sector allowed them to develop their strategy, redefining their objectives and methods, and ensuring that the company was well oriented to guarantee their success. In addition, links were established in emerging and complementary sectors, including artificial intelligence and IOT.

Described by their team as a “bearer”, the assistance provided by CRIAQ was seen by their team as a real asset for the company. It was also another opportunity for CRIAQ to support women entrepreneurship within the aerospace industry.

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