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Ova | building an immersive experience

Specializing in the development of cutting-edge software dedicated to the creation of virtual environments and simulation in 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality, OVA creates personalized experiences that strengthens brands and fosters human connections.

OVA enrolling in the program has produced several key benefits for them. Through an analysis of the many possible applications of their technology in inspection, simulation, training within the aerospace sector, the CRIAQ team guided them towards an improvement of their business plan.  This complete analysis of the company was accompanied by suggestions on behalf of the CRIAQ team that could provide solutions adapted to the needs of fast-growing manufacturing SMEs in the aerospace industry.

The program also allowed them to integrate the CRIAQ ecosystem, bringing together the most influential and innovative key players in Quebec’s aerospace industry. Integration into the aerospace industry in Canada, especially in Quebec, can be an extremely tedious and difficult process, but it can be circumvented through the CRIAQ program, an advantage described by OVA as a “highly sought-after seal of approval”.

OVA actively helps industries and businesses transform themselves through space computing, artificial intelligence and extended reality (XR).

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