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Founded in the summer of 2021, Volinergy is a start-up specialising in the design of Li-ion battery systems for the aerospace, mobility and transport industries. It develops and manufactures one of the safest and most powerful batteries in the industry.  Volinergy strongly believes in the energy transition of tomorrow’s transportation to electric propulsion.

At the time of the company’s participation in the program, it was in the R&D phase and preparing to deploy a proof of concept in a real environment, it was important for it to clearly define its value proposition, its target customer segments and its suppliers. The personalized coaching offered to Volinergy through the Accelerating Innovation program was beneficial for its understanding of the challenges of innovation planning and the alignment of this plan with the company’s objectives and growth strategy. His participation in the program also enabled it to:

  • Establish a formal R&D and innovation plan in stages based on the company’s capabilities and its short, medium and long-term priorities;
  • Strengthen and clarify its phased strategic positioning as an expert in the field of intelligent industrial Li-ion batteries;
  • Connect with an intellectual property expert as well as with various strategic partners, notably in the academic and manufacturing sectors or with funding and innovation support organisations;
  • Strengthen and better integrate the CRIAQ network for the preparation of future collaborative projects.

The team was highly competent with a wealth of experience in the industry. It was an interesting personalized approach that brought us valuable ideas and contacts. The program allowed us to broaden our horizons to new perspectives. It imparted useful skills to the team for identifying new approaches. These meetings provided us with the opportunity to take time to validate the company’s focus.

Antoine Gaillardetz

Founder and CEO of Volinergy

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