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Founded in 2018 by an experienced team of world-renowned artificial intelligence (AI) and technology business management experts,  Zetane specialises in developing a robustness and applicability validation SaaS* platform for the deployment of critical AI-based solutions. The company, which has mature products in commercialization and pre-commercialization, wanted to focus on the latter and validate the development of new products, including its SaaS and AIaaS platform.

Zetane participated in the Accelerating-Innovation customised coaching program to achieve its goal of becoming the reference in the applicability of AI-based mission-critical solutions by strengthening and establishing certain partnerships. Its participation has had a considerable impact on its long-term positioning. The support offered by this coaching program has enabled the company to:

  • Revisit its business model based on a product strategy (software, SaaS) towards a strategy of multi-sector AI service that is essential to become the reference;
  • Strengthen its partnerships in the CRIAQ ecosystem and in new emerging sectors and target markets (drones, autonomous mobility, digital health, etc.);
  • Emerge from the status of start-up to that of a partner of the largest industrial players by effectively planning the development of a technical-commercial roadmap and partnerships;
  • Enhance and protect intellectual property (IP);
    Strategically target the vertical take-off and landing aircraft market (aerospace and medical).

*SaaS: Software as a Service

A highly beneficial program with a focus on practical business feedback from mentors who have very relevant experience and expertise to share. The program does not seek to replicate what other accelerators provide. Its strength lies in its almost “à la carte” approach, which gave us the impression that the issues addressed were specific to our situation and progress.

Guillaume Hervé

Co-founder and CEO of Zetane Systems

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