Published on 23 April 2018

Interested in the projects proposed during the RDV Forum 2018?

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E-Store – Energy reserve
FLFW – Optical and wireless flight controls

AI-NavCtrl – Artificial intelligence for navigation and control

SVH -Substances of very high concern

NEXTGen SDAR – SDR Avionics for Communication, Navigation and Surveillance

UAS MaSu – Unmanned aerial maritime surveillance system

EPIARS – Improvement of productivity through the implementation of Augmented Reality solution in Aerospace 4.0

HiPoDEM – Electric motor with high power density

QCAC – Quiet and comfortable cabin

CabVisS – Surveillance, use and service cabin based on the video cabin system/ in-flight entertainment and computer vision

InstaCrown – Template for automated installation of large module crowns

RoboCOp – Service robot for cabin and cargo operations

InSoFlex – Storage robotics for cabin and cargo applications

CoSeMo – Common interface for seats and service blocks in the cabin

ISASE – Independent structural self-monitoring element

AiiR – AI inspection robot

FIRE – Maturation of innovative fireproofing solutions for engine structures

ThermoForm – Development of thermoforming technologies for air engine components

HYPROP – Hybrid-Electric Propulsion

ECOMEC – Flammability test of an ECO-Mg motor part

HITAP – Manufacture of high temperature alloy powder

NLOS-EC – Scale-up of the erosion control coating process without line of sight

IRIS – Intelligent Routing of Interconnection Systems

ART – Actual Increased for the manufacture and inspection of electrical harnesses

I.AM.MRO – Innovative additive manufacturing for maintenance, repair and overhaul

SoundSelect – Adaptive plane wave noise control system

SurfLaze – Laser surface functionalization

CompUSound – Characterization of the mechanical properties of composite materials

RocketSense – Wireless link for sensors for liquid or solid space propulsion

EMOTION – Light effects for cabin interiors using OLED display

WINDOW – Holographic display and smart windows

ATLANT – New type of aerostatic transport aircraft

LEAN-ADP – Review Aircraft Program Development

LAC – Improved control laws

FGVT – Accelerated ground vibration test

WE ESM – Electrical / electromagnetic simulation models for cabling

RDP – Reduce the deformation of the veneer

Backlight – Back-lit partitions / Panels

MIWAS – Effects of multiple paths of radio frequencies of wireless systems in the aircraft

APiC – Airplane-Pilot interaction effects in aircraft control

SMARTASSEMBLY – Intelligent assembly in aerospace

Data 4.0 – Valuation, exploitation and monetization of manufacturing data

FlawDetect – Defect control and damage tolerance of components manufactured by laser fusion on a powder bed

CUWT – Continuous ultrasonic welding of thermoplastic composites

SParTEC – Development of high precision components for aeronautics: traceability, quality performance evaluation (QFD) and environmental compatibility

RepAIR – Manufacturing procedures and repair in a virtual environment

DRPBook – Digital guide to repair procedures

tAU?2; – IA and UTM for UAV operations (marine and out-of-visual applications)

PreSupply – Predictive production in the supply chain

ADaMO – Active vibration damping for fast machining

LiBio – Bionic light aircraft interior

ASIMA – Active mini handle with 2 degrees of freedom integrating a magnetorheological fluid actuator

CDN – Robotic laser cleaning technologies

Synchro.AI – Improve the efficiency of production lines in the aerospace industry

Assembly3d – Assembled with 3D and AR metrology support

HQ1 – Energy storage system

HQ2 – Development of a management system for autonomous aerial modules in urban areas

CHIP – Thermo-assisted glaciophobic coatings for ground and flight protection against icing of rotorcraft

AI-UI – Human Interface Design-IA for pilot training applications

CoVi – Computer vision for flight training

E-LAF – Adaptive E-Learning in flight training

AAPIT – Advanced pre-flight inspection training

ImpaCompo – High speed impact on composite structures

eX-Mult – Prediction of the distortion of composite structures induced by manufacturing processes

DyNL – Detection and processing of non-linear effects on the dynamic behaviour of assembled structures

Topol – Extensive topological optimization for lightweight designs

OptiCompo – Curved fiber trajectories for optimal performance

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