Published on 3 June 2016

A look back at the research foresight workshops

As part of the 8th CRIAQ Research Forum, five parallel research foresight workshops were held in the afternoon. The objectives of these workshops were to discuss technological themes, identify promising research topics, suggest structuring activities to be implemented, propose ideas for future projects and improve understanding and response to business challenges in the aerospace industry. Gathered in round tables, participants were able to exchange and share their vision of aerospace research over a 10- to 15-year horizon. Today we present some statistics on the activity.

  • 600+ participants
  • 720 research subjects identified
  • 223 proposed structuring activities
  • 66 potential project ideas

1. Electric aeronautics
81 participants
92 research topics identified

2. Aeronautics and ICT
111 participants
104 research topics identified

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