Montreal, March 31, 2017 –

Quebec’s new economic plan once again reaffirms the important role of the aerospace sector in the province’s attractiveness and dynamism.

Through its financial support, Quebec’s economic plan actively supports the activity of this major economic sector. The Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec (CRIAQ) welcomes the government’s encouragement for projects from industrial research sectoral groups such as CRIAQ.

The message is clear: collaborative research remains a priority.

With innovation and collaboration between stakeholders and the international community at the heart of this plan, action is being taken to accelerate the efforts and excellent results already achieved.

CRIAQ supports “measures to promote the digital shift and the development of the skills of the future in aerospace”. CRIAQ’s success as a catalyst for research and innovation in the Quebec aerospace community is precisely due to the strong commitment of government, industry and academia.
“The 2017-2018 economic plan highlights the need to continue the work carried out by CRIAQ over the past 15 years, by promoting our consortium’s approaches in terms of collaboration, research and innovation,” says Denis Faubert, President and CEO of CRIAQ.

The Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Quebec (CRIAQ) is a non-profit organization (NPO) created in 2002 with the financial support of the Government of Quebec. Its mission is to increase the competitiveness of the aerospace industry and improve the collective knowledge base in this sector through better student training.


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