The Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation (MESI) is providing a total of $8.2 million over five years to support technology demonstration projects for SMEs.
CRIAQ encourages you to submit projects, which must achieve the following objectives:
– Demonstrate technology in a representative environment;
– Increase SME leadership on innovation projects;
– Integrate SMEs into the innovation network.

Project Evaluation: Evaluation of submissions received according to the meetings of the Scientific Committee
Target project duration: 2 years
Technological maturity level: (TRL) TRL 6 completed at the end of the project
Target scope of projects: $1 million to $3 million

Eligibility for partnership
Research projects must meet the following partnership criteria:
– Project must be managed by a small or medium enterprise (SME);
– Minimum of two industry partners;
– Minimum of two educational or research institutions;
The selected research projects should be oriented towards SMEs.
Details on project funding

Contributions of the actors:
– Maximum public funding in accordance with program rules;
– Maximum of 50% in cash and in kind from industry members (salaries are recognized as a cash contribution);
– Maximum of 50% financial assistance from the MESI;
– Additional funding from other programs where applicable.
The beneficiaries of the funding are industries as well as educational and research institutions.

Approval process
The research project must be approved by CRIAQ:
– Evaluation by the Scientific Committee;
– Approval by the Board of Directors (if required);
– Submission to MESI.
Approval by other programs may be required where applicable.

To submit a project proposal, please contact Mr. Cédric Prince, Director of Programs, at the following email address:

Cédric Prince, Director of Programs
514 313-7561, ext. 260