The industrial research sectoral groups (RSRIs) congratulate the new Minister of the Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, and assure him and the entire government of their full and active collaboration to stimulate the link between academic research and innovative companies in Quebec.

Representing Quebec’s key sectors, RSRIs are in a strong position to contribute to the achievement of the new government’s objectives, as well as to support the Quebec economic fabric in its quest for growth. Nine (9) clusters have been designated by the Government of Quebec to act as intermediation and funding organizations for collaborative research and development (R&D). As catalysts of innovation, they have successfully promoted, for many years, the transfer of knowledge and technological appropriation by companies in different strategic sectors of the economy by fostering the emergence of links between the research community and industry.

With their structured networks and in-depth knowledge of their respective sectors, they have alone contributed, over the past three years, to inducing $150 million in industrial R&D investments in more than 371 supported projects. These projects have contributed to generating significant benefits for Québec, particularly in terms of employment, student training, patent filings, licensing, technology commercialization, spin-offs and industrial investments, to name a few.

SOURCE: Industrial research sectoral groupings

List of the nine RSRIs currently funded by the Ministry of Science, Economy and Innovation: – Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec (CRIAQ) – Consortium for Research and Innovation in Industrial Bioprocesses in Quebec (CRIBIQ) – Consortium for Research and Innovation in Metal Transformation (CRITM) – Consortium Québec Centre for Drug Discovery (CQDM) – Innovation in Electrical Energy (InnovÉÉ) – Consortium for Industrial Research and Innovation in Medical Technologies of Québec (MEDTEQ) – Québec Centre for Research and Innovation in Advanced Materials (PRIMA Québec) – Microelectronics oriented research partnership, photonics, ICT and Digital (PROMPT)