As part of its Automated Resource Sharing in the Communities (PARC) project, JMJ Aerospace has created a systematized platform to share research equipment that could be better used by Quebec aerospace institutions and companies. In the longer term, other industrial sectors will be able to benefit from it.

The CERVOLab platform has just been launched! Not only does CERVOLab provide better accessibility of equipment, it also ensures optimal management of its use, which improves its profitability.
CERVOLab is all of Quebec’s research equipment at your fingertips.

To be able to do its job fully, the available equipment must be characterized and registered in the CERVOLab platform by their owners. We need you to contribute to the CERVOLab inventory in order to properly serve the needs.

CRIAQ members who register with the platform to contribute to the inventory will now be able to join and publish information on their equipment free of charge, throughout the pre-deployment phase.

For more information, please contact Jason Danovitch of WYD Aerospace at 450-656-6940.

To register, please visit