From July 11 to 17, 2016, CRIAQ delegates travelled to Farnborough, United Kingdom, as part of the International Air Show. The presence of 1500 exhibitors from 52 countries enabled CRIAQ to develop numerous international collaborations, in accordance with its development strategy.

Significant progress with Japan
CRIAQ was able to meet with some delegates from the Japanese company The Cutting Edge TAKUMI to advance their work and establish cooperation for three research projects. They were also able to plan CRIAQ’s participation in the Quebec and Canadian trade mission to Japan as part of the Japan Aerospace Exhibition 2016, scheduled for October 2016.

Projects in progress with Germany
With a well-established collaboration in Germany, CRIAQ and the delegates worked together to develop guidelines for coordinated action on aerospace R&D projects between Hamburg and Montreal, which involves several partners from both countries. This initiative aims to start three collaborative research projects with companies and research institutions in Quebec and Germany.

The continuation of an agreement with a competitiveness cluster in Belgium
CRIAQ and delegates from the Skywin Wallonie aerospace competitiveness cluster in Belgium worked on a process to identify project ideas and funding to start joint research collaborations. CRIAQ had previously signed an agreement with the cluster during a trade mission of the Walloon delegation to Quebec in October 2014.