Published on 26 August 2016

CRIAQ Master Plan 2016-2021 : To conduct R&D collaboration

A solid foundation

CRIAQ’s success depends on the support of a handful of essential stakeholders, including a key partner, the Government of Quebec, which has supported CRIAQ’s mission since its inception.

CRIAQ’s success is also due to the strong commitment of the aerospace industry and the academic community. Thanks to the work of the directors and representatives of the Board of Directors, CRIAQ adapts to the evolution of the industry in order to meet concrete current needs.

Guiding Principles 2016-2021

  • Trends and directions: Play a central role in defining a research program for the Quebec aerospace community
  • Value Chain: Supporting the collaborative R&D needs of companies across the entire aerospace value chain
  • Collaboration: Deploy a structured approach to collaboration and engagement with strategic partners
    SMEs: Give special support to SMEs, which are of vital importance for the future of the industry in Quebec
  • Broker role, accessibility of sources: Rely on local knowledge and use any appropriate financing vehicle
  • International: Stimulate international collaborative R&D to build the links that underpin the development of international supply chains
  • Intersectoral: To be the focal point for intersectoral research activities in Quebec by partnering with leaders in targeted areas

Areas of intervention and courses of action

  • Deliver R&D projects to our members
  • Supporting the aerospace innovation ecosystem
  • Influencing key stakeholders

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