In front of 730 participants registered at the Research Forum, CRIAQ recognized the achievements, excellence and effort of CRIAQ’s research teams at the Excellence Awards ceremony.

Structured in three parts, the ceremony was presided over by Michel Dion, innovation leader at Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, accompanied by the other members of the jury, Kazem Fayazbahksh from Stelia – North America, Min Liao from the National Research Council Canada, Claude Perron of the Centre technologique en aérospatiale, Nicolas Giguère of the Centre de métallurgie du Québec, Arnaud Divialle de Héroux Devtek, Ahmed Maslouhi of the Université de Sherbrooke, André Bazergui of CRIAQ (former CEO) and Denis Faubert of CRIAQ.

Poster and Video Contest

CRIAQ awarded three prizes for the best posters and videos of CRIAQ projects underway or completed since May 1, 2014. All project participants – university, research centre and industry – demonstrated the relevance of collaboration and innovation.

  • 1st place: COMP-501 – 3D Textile Carbon Fibre Preforms
  • 2nd place: AVIO-505 – Software radios for highly integrated system architecture
  • 3rd place: MANU-508 – Fatigue life improvement in the aerospace industry with the spot peening process

View posters and videos of all participants in the Poster and Video Contest.

Awards – Collaborative Research

Two teams, with the highest scores, demonstrated the importance of collaborative research and highlighted the team’s dynamism, synergy and the importance of the partners’ contribution to a CRIAQ project underway or completed after May 1, 2014.

COMP-412 – Thermoplastic Composites Forming Technology for Complex and Integrated Aerospace Components
COMP-502 – Conductive surface films or coatings for composite structures

Scholarships to deserving students

After a university official has nominated one to three students who have distinguished themselves in a CRIAQ project from 2014 to 2016, one application is selected per cycle of study, for a maximum of three students per project.

  • Bachelor’s degree: Alexi Demers (École de technologie supérieure)
  • Master’s degree: Benjamin Ellyson (Polytechnique Montréal)
  • Doctorate: Andreea Koreanschi (School of Advanced Technology)