The National Research Council Canada (NRC) is planning to launch a dedicated program, called Integrated Autonomous Mobility (IAM), to support the wider adoption of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

While the vertical take-off and landing capability of UAS promises to transform mobility by alleviating congestion in our cities through efficiently utilizing the three-dimensional airspace, the adaptability of UAS has opened the door to many other applications like remote sensing for forest fires, unmanned cargo delivery and security operations.

Before large scale commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems becomes a reality, there are certain technological, operational and regulatory barriers that have to be overcome, specifically those that relate to safety, security, performance and affordability.  The NRC’s IAM program aims to address some of the technical challenges, focusing on the following areas:

  • Non-conventional vehicle architectures
  • Flight autonomy
  • On-demand operations


An informational slide deck is available at the following link.  The purpose is to share the program scope, to obtain feedback, and to stimulate involvement of universities and SMEs in the initiative. A series of workshops are also intended to follow.

For more details contact Wajid Ali Chishty at NRC via either email: or telephone: 613-993-2731