On June 8, 2016, some 40 members attended the École nationale d’aérotechnique, located at the Centre for aerospatiale technology (CTA) of Cégep Édouard-Montpetit, for the CRIAQ’s annual general meeting.

The meeting was an opportunity to elect a new Board of Directors and unveil the 2015-2020 Master Plan, which confirms CRIAQ’s leading position in the innovation system. Over the next few years, CRIAQ’s action will be based on seven guiding principles that will strengthen innovation efforts through R&D (boosting innovation), the community’s unifying role (consolidating networks) and the development of specialized talent (preparing the next generation).

CRIAQ’s Master Plan, combined with the Government of Quebec’s 2016-2026 Québec Aerospace Strategy, makes CRIAQ a true driver of Québec aerospace innovation. The strategy also provides significant financial support for the projects that CRIAQ will work to develop. Several opportunities are to be seized and will confirm CRIAQ’s leadership in collaborative R&D.

Projects for SMEs

The Québec aerospace strategy sets aside $8.1 million over five years for the integration of SMEs into the Québec innovation network. SMEs are key players in CRIAQ’s Master Plan. Members will be invited to propose technology demonstration projects as soon as funds are available.

The International

International collaboration remains a priority for CRIAQ, as does the Government of Quebec, which provides an additional $2.5 million in financial support over five years for the development of international collaboration projects. CRIAQ’s efforts will be aimed at intensifying collaboration with partners abroad.

A new momentum

The priorities of CRIAQ’s Master Plan will also be supported by an additional $2.5 million over five years for our projects. This amount, combined with $8.1 million in support for the integration of SMEs into the innovation network and $2.5 million for international efforts, will give new impetus to CRIAQ’s activities, whose members can only win.
CRIAQ has every intention of pushing the envelope by making new programs available to its members and by expanding investments in less traditional aerospace fields. Intersectorality, another guiding principle of its Plan, will shape new programs along promising lines for the industry.

So it is together, and in concert with the government, that we are “reinventing the horizon”.

The CRIAQ Master Plan will be available shortly on the website.