Published on 21 September 2016

Call to proposals for SMEs for collaboration with Spain

A call for proposals has just been issued to Canadian SMEs that would like to collaborate with Spanish companies on R&D projects.

Sectors of activity :

  • Electronics, information and communication technologies
  • Industrial manufacturing, machinery, materials and transport
  • Agri-food technologies
  • Biotechnologies, medical devices
  • Environment, energy

Deadline: October 7, 2016, 11:00 a.m. (ET)

For more information, see the detailed call for proposals online or write to

Why Spain? Why Spain?

Spain ranks 13th among the world’s leading economies in terms of GDP. It is also the 5th largest nation in the European Union, with 46 million consumers and 60 million tourists each year. This country is the ideal place to access the capital markets of southern Europe and Latin America. As a member of the EU, Spain benefits from European aid programmes for regions in difficulty. More than 12,800 foreign companies have established themselves there, including 75 of the 100 largest multinationals, according to Forbes. Spain is the tenth largest scientific power on the planet and ranks fifth among the 15 EU Member States for its scientific production. Finally, it ranks first in Europe (and third in the world) for the quality of life led by those who move there.

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